Pregnancy 2: 3.0
June 14, 2011
Everything went great - until my due date passed...
My family trends - 2wks late

OBGYN apologized and said since I had a C-Section previously, they could not induce me, I would have to have one again; TOMORROW.

Whoa! Hold on. Did I hear you right? I have to get a full ultrasound in an hour from now and then pre-register for surgery at the hospital an hour after that? Yep, so 6 hours later (don't ask) we finished and I went home to stuff my face. On a side note:

"I do not recommend Chinese when you will be fasting for 12 hours or more."

Since this C-Section was scheduled, it was a lot easier for me to handle. Everything was so smooth and planned out, this time it wasn't all that bad. Course it didn't make me feel any better about not having a VBAC...

Once mom and G came in to my "healing room" they laughed and paraded around. Apparently:
I was born in the room next to the one we were in.
My nurse for the night was an old friend of G (she worked there as well) and not to mention; my mothers nurse as well...
With the exception that I was 1 1/2 pounds heavier; DD2 is my carbon copy. about freakin weird.
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